Rural health development

  • Dedicated and focused to rural development.
  • We provide financial assistance to poor students.
  • We are also trying to co ordinate between financial supporters and the persons..
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Educational environment

  • We provide free education to needy and poor people.
  • We provide free library in rural areas for student and needy people.
  • We provide assistance to pharmacy related..
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Free training camps

  • We provide free training to needy youth and needy people.
  • We provide free training to farmer.
  • We provide training related to cultivation and collection of medicinal plants.
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What we are?

Pharma Talk Research Foundation was started in the year 2014 for noble cause and in corporated as NGO (society) in the year 2014 with Uttar Pradesh Society Act 1958. The basic aim and objective of the PTRF is to work for the community and for the upliftment of the profession of Pharmacy and rural development.

Pharma Talk Research Foundation for Students is dedicated to support rural and Pharmacy students. Currently Rural and Pharmacy Students are facing different challenges in their studies. PTRF is committed to provide the support for Rural and Pharmacy students. PTRF provides study material on different topics, conducts quizes, seminars, talk shows and also planning to start an Online Examination. PTRF also provides financial aid to poor students.

PTRF for student and Pharmacy is dedicated to promote and develop all aspects of development of Pharma profession and rural health. PTRF may promote professional scientific knowledge by publishing Journals, News Letters and through Mass Information Technologies.

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