Rural health development
  • Dedicated and focused to rural development.
  • We provide financial assistance to poor students.
  • We are also trying to co ordinate between financial supporters and the persons actually eligible for financial help.
Educational environment
  • We provide free education to needy and poor people.
  • We provide free library in rural areas for student and needy people.
  • We provide assistance to pharmacy related websites.
Free training camps
  • We provide free training to needy youth and needy people.
  • We provide free training to farmer.
  • We provide training related to cultivation and collection of medicinal plants.

Pharma professionalism

  • We provide support for upcoming Pharmacists to exploit their potential and we support them to co - ordinate with international students and international institutions of Pharmacy.
  • We serve as a link between colleges, industry and university research centers and we also promote research.
  • We conduct elocution competition and co ordinate various institutes for conducting essay competitions, sports activities, seminars, scientific sessions, symposiums, Pharma expositions and we wish to spread the importance of community pharmacists and retail pharmacists.
  • We provide placement assistance to all members who are registered with Pharma Talk Research Foundation.
  • We provide assistance for literature survey to research scholars.
  • We facilitate the best students, best research scholars and best teachers, - time to time.

Medical & health awareness

  • Spread awareness regarding health and health related issue.
  • We provide the latest information related to health, drug, development of rural areas, development of Pharma profession, higher education, research¬† etc.
  • We are also in the process of establishing 'Drug Information Centre and Poison Information Centre'.

Next Steps...

If you also want to be part of this initiative, you are welcome to join.